Taidekasvatuksen kuva-arkisto



Töiden keskeisiä aiheita on kuvattu asiasanoilla.

Nainen (46)
Tyttö (40)
Maisema (39)
Mies (38)
Kukka (35)
Talvi (29)
Puu (27)
Eläin (24)
Lapsi (22)
Lintu (22)

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The database contains images from the history archive of the Department of Art Education, which is part of the archive of the University of Art and Design. The history archive contains about 30,000 student works, which are divided into school and teacher specific collections. An additional important collection are the student works from the drawing competitions organized by yearly (1936-1981) by the Schooling Administration.


The keywords of this database follow the taxonomy created in the beginning of the 1990s for the history archive based on old curricila. The taxonomy is tested and will be revised if necessary.

further development

The database will be developed so that it will enable adding of new works to the history archive in digital format. The goal is to create a rich database of Finnish art education, which can include documentaries on art education in addition to student works.

working group

Pirkko Pohjakallia (art education)
Martti Raevaara (art education)
Eeva Melvasalo (art education)
Elisabeth Mladenov (art education)
Jenny Elina Katajisto (art education)
Jyri Äärilä (art education)

Emilia Launonen (TaiK archive services)
Tarmo Toikkanen (Media Lab)
Teemu Leinonen (Media Lab)

technical implementation

Tarmo Toikkanen (Media Lab): software design, development, and testing
Eeva Melvasalo: user interface design, graphical design, html and css implementation

The history archive of art education has been produced in collaboration between the Department of Art Education and Media Lab of the University of Art and Design. The site uses the Kala framework developed by the Learning Environments research group of the Media Lab. The Kala framework has been developed using the Zope application server and the Python language. Zope, Python and Kala are free and open source applications.